About Us

Ultramed Health is a medical aid society incorporated and registered in Zimbabwe, being incorporated in 2016. The medical aid society is supported by an established network of doctors and other suppliers of medical services.

Our Mission

To create an ecosystem capable of delivering affordable healthcare sustainably.

Ultra-Med is a medical aid society that was registered in Zimbabwe in 2016, the medical aid is supported by a nationwide network of health service providers. Our philosophy at Ultra-Med is “Ubuntu” which seeks to give a human face to what we do (I am because you are). Ubuntu is a belief that we are defined by our compassion and kindness towards others. We aim to ensure the uninsured with bespoke products that work and guarantee a minimum essential benefits package.

Ultra-Med Health Care Medical Aid seeks to provide medical aid cover to the 92% of the 13 million Zimbabwean population currently not covered by ensuring that health care is accessible at affordable premiums.