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Ultramed Health offers the market more affordable and holistic healthcare products than what is currently offered by the traditional insurance companies and medical aid societies. Ultramed Health will achieve..

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Zimbabwe has got a very low coverage of medical aid with only an estimated 8% of the country’s population of approximately 13 million people covered by medical aid. The following factors have contributed to low medical aid coverage: exorbitant premiums charged by existing medical aid companies and the current focus of medical aid companies to insure only the formally employed participants of the economy.  The failure by current medical aid companies to adapt their models to cater for the participants in the informal sector has left more than 90% of the economically active population without meaningful medical aid cover.

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happyUltramed Health is a medical aid society incorporated and registered in Zimbabwe. The medical aid society is supported by an established network of doctors and other suppliers of medical services. The founders of Ultramed Health were driven by the need to ensure that patients/policyholders always have adequate medical cover at an affordable cost. The principle of ubuntu was fundamental in coining the vision of Ultramed Health. Additional, Ultramed Health will be run by staff with in-depth knowledge and experience on the fundamental issues that affect the client’s access to health care and medical treatment in Zimbabwe. Ultramed Health will be the long awaited solution in the provision of medical aid services to the local and regional populace. More